Haircuts in Pearland

If you are looking for a great quality salon haircut, look no further. Kutz & Styles is Pearland’s number one source for cutting-edge haircuts that don’t compromise style for price. Our team of professional hair stylists are eager to come up with the perfect haircut solution for your needs. Below is some information that you may find useful when deciding on a new hairstyle.

Types of Hair Textures

Medium-Thick and Wavy

Medium-thick and wavy hair is very versatile. It can usually hold most hair styles such as hot curls and heat-induced straightening. Our hair care experts state that medium thick hair bepnefits from a deep conditioning treatment that is best done once or twice a week.

Straight and Fine

Straight and fine hair is angelic, soft and beautiful. However, it does require some extra care since it is prone to split ends and breakage. Our Pearland hair care experts always recommend that our clients who have fine hair reduce their heat styling to once or twice a week. there are plenty of ways to style your hair at home without the use of heat such as braids, buns and twists that will give your hair that wavy look without risking any damage. Ask our hair stylists about more ideas on how to style your hair at home without any heat!

Thick and Curly

How lucky you are if you have thick, curly hair! You may think your hair is unruly, but you just need a few tips and tricks to make it work for you. Our knowledgeable hairstylists are happy to give you any product and styling suggestions so that you feel confident in your hairstyling abilities at home!

Popular Haircuts in Pearland

There are many hairstyles to choose from that our talented hair stylists are skilled at creating. Here are just some of the hairstyles that we have found to be popular, fashion-forward choices for our clients in Pearland.

The Bob

This classic hairstyle was popularized in the 1950s when housewives and Beatle-crazed teens used to tease their bobs miles high. Adding some textured layers to this style easily transforms this retro look into a modern classic. It creates a tousled, bedhead look. In the early 2000s, Victoria Beckham helped to re-popularize this wonderful style with her signature asymmetrical take on the classic bob.

Rock and Roll Shag

This wispy hairstyle uses of lots of layers and a heavy fringe to evoke that 1970s all-American rock and roll look. It works great for medium-thick, wavy hair of all colors.

The Pixie

This short and sweet hairstyle was popularized in the 1960s by the supermodel Twiggy and again in the modern age by starlets such as Emma Watson and Ellen DeGeneres. This style is suitable for all hair textures and is very low-maintenance, which is great for the busy gal on the go!

For more haircut ideas and inspirations or to book your hairstyling consultation and appointment, call our Pearland salon today! We can’t wait to create a gorgeous look just for you.

Stylish, Affordable Haircuts for Men and Women in Pearland

Finding a good hairstylist in Pearland can be a challenge. Especially one that can work with a variety of hair textures to create styles that are contemporary, fresh, and fun. Kutz & Styles specializes in making Pearland residents feel good about themselves through fresh yet traditional haircuts that won’t break the bank.

Our hairstylists are gentle, kind, and understand if you’ve had a long day and just want to think to yourself while your hair gets cut. We won’t push any radical or edgy haircuts on you you’re not ready for, but we’ll take the time to look at photos of hairstyles and develop haircut ideas together with you.

Haircuts for Men

Don’t know what masculine hairstyle you want, but know that what you’ve got isn’t working? Sounds like you’re a perfect candidate for a visit to Kutz & Styles’s salon. We specialize in helping Pearland dudes find attractive and flattering hairstyles for themselves they can feel good about. Nothing too flashy, just well-styled easy-to-maintain hair that looks great on men of all ages.

Transitioning to a shorter hairstyle? No need to visit a traditional barbershop for a cut, trim, and shave service. We’re invested in helping you look your very best in a world that tells men they need to look like fitness magazine models in order to feel good about themselves. You may not look like a cover model after a single visit to our salon, but we know you’ll walk out feeling fresh and confident—and satisfied with our awesome low haircut prices!

Short Hairstyles

Finding the pixie cut that’s just right for you is a challenge. Not every hairstylist knows how to bring out the best in a short hairstyle, but Kutz & Styles has a great team of stylists ready to take on any challenge. If you’re ready to make a dramatic statement and embrace a new you for a new year, give us a call!

Natural Hair

After years of painful chemical straightening treatments for your hair designed to help you fit in with the crowd, you’ve decided to embrace your natural hair for all its beauty. Now you need a natural hair haircut specialist who understands the unique strengths and challenges of your hair.

Kutz & Styles wants to help everyone look and feel their best, no matter what the texture of their hair is or the color of their skin. We promise to provide you a welcoming environment and care that’s just right for your hair.

How Do I Find the Best Haircut Salon Near Me?

Simply pick up the phone and give us a call! We’re conveniently open seven days a week and late on weekdays to serve you better. You’ll be amazed at our affordable haircuts and beautiful haircut styles that are designed to make you look radiant when you walk out the door.

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